Trinkets, Treasures and Comical Cats

Yay for me! I just scored my second Etsy treasury ever…this time on Treasury West. It is called “Explore the Possibilities” and features some lovely little items from Etsy sellers who’ve not yet made a sale. So, click on over and make them feel welcome by giving them some views, okay?

Also, my Midnight Lace Crocheted Scarf is being featured on IndieSpotting right now! If you haven’t checked this site out, it’s pretty neat. Buyers can browse through several categories for new finds, and sellers can freely submit up to 2 items a month to be featured. My photo made it up about 48 hours after submission, and it has been on the front page for about 24 hours, at least since I discovered it!  They also sell ad spots and such, but I still can’t afford paid promotions yet. Right now I’m working to find all the freebies I can to get my shop name out there!

So, that’s it for the Trinkets and Treasures…now for the Comical Cats…..drum roll, please!

Molly and Maggie comic 1

Molly: Nope, I don’t see anything. (Shakes head)

Maggie: Really, there’s something down there…I think you need to get closer.

Molly and Maggie comic 2

Molly: Okay, well, if you say so….

Maggie: Yeah, go in and check it out…(hee, hee, hee)

Molly and Maggie comic 3

Molly: Wait, look over there! It’s over there!

Maggie: Where? I don’t see it!

Molly and Maggie comic 4

Maggie: Hey, that’s no fair! You tricked me!


Yeah, they’re weird…but funny!


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