Little Boy Blue

 Little Boy Blue 1

Here’s a sweet little baby afghan I just finished for one of my many friends who are expecting this summer!  I used an I hook Bernat Baby Sport, which is apparently now the only baby yarn in one pound skeins that my Walmart here sells! I have seen a couple of baby afghans now with this sweet ribbon woven in and out of the edging, and I really liked the look. But the one pattern I found using it, well, it looks nice, but the stitches were just too boring for my tastes. So, instead I created my own version using one of the stitch patterns in a book I have here at home.

Little Boy Blue 3

Essentially, it was one row of dc, then a row of (sc, dc2 in same st) skip 2. That just repeats over and over to create a neat two-sided pattern. For the edging I first did a row of sc all around, then dc (maybe should have done trebles instead of doubles, though) for the weaving row, then alternately 6 dc shells and 1sc in every third stitch around. I would have written out the pattern, but somewhere along the line something went wrong and the whole blanket started to go sort of “wonky.” I don’t think the recipients will notice or care, but I would have to start all over again and see if it’s something in the stitch pattern or a mistake I made before I would even consider posting an actual pattern.

LIttle Boy Blue sitch detail

Anyway, I do like how it turned out, except for the weird un-squareness of it all. I will no doubt try this ribbon edging technique again…and maybe next time I’ll actually write up a pattern for you all!


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