Is It Just Me?

Or have I been posting alot about Etsy and Artfire and buying handmade lately? Okay…yeah, I have been, so…nope, it’s not just me! Well, since I’m on a roll, I’ll add one more post about my Etsy shop…but I’ll tag on some cute stories/photos about the furbabies at the end. How’s that sound?

Kitty Komforters

First off, I just finished this stack of little cat blankets, or Kitty Komforters, as I call them. They were just such fun to make that now I want to get more fun material and make some more! (But hubby would probably appreciate it if I sell some first, huh?) Well, anyway…Max loves the one I made for him a while back as a test run, so I’m hoping some other kitties will convince their people that they, too, need a Kitty Komforter from my shop!

Max lovin' his blankie

Max is such a great model, don’t you think? He just knows how to pose for the camera, I guess. I wish Molly and Maggie would take some lessons from him. Molly always seems to get too busy when I have the camera out…and her coloring is so hard to capture, too. Maggie just makes these histerically serious faces in pictures, so she usually ends up looking just plain annoyed in photos. Brenna is pretty photogenic, although she still looks sort of sad and shy in alot of pics. Anyway, here are some of the latest pet pics I’ve snapped around the house lately:

A peaceful moment of rest for Brenna and Maggie:
Brenna and Maggie

Watch-cats guarding the house from intruders (ha!):

Beautiful Brenna enjoying the spring grass:

Brenna in the green grass

I have a funny sequence of Molly and Maggie involving the litter box, but that will have to wait for another day. So, TTFN! 🙂

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