What a week!

Actually, the last two weeks have been crazy…so topsy-turvy that they’ve felt more like an entire month! That’s why I haven’t blogged much during March, I’m afraid. There’s just been so much going on! I’ll try to briefly fill you in, but even now I’m on a bit of a time-crunch…I’ll do my best, though!

First off, we ended February with Molly recovering from some kind of gastrointestinal irritation, as mentioned in this post. She was on antibiotics for about 10 days, which she absolutely hated. Then, I noticed that she was twitching and itching alot in such a way that I decided she must have a few fleas…so I had to use the nasty old Frontline spray on all three kitties. I hadn’t used it in a long time because they are indoors only now, but apparently I’m going to have to apply it at least ever couple months anyway. I am, however, going to look into switching over to the regular Frontline gel applicators because trying to trap each cat in the bathroom and chase them around with a spray bottle is really not working for me anymore! :p

Okay, so the cats just get taken care of…then one day while checking the collie rescue we’d applied to last month, we found this lovely collie that had just become available for adoption. In less than a week we had our home visit completed, made arrangements to meet with her foster parents, and brought home our sweet doggie girl to live with us! So now, my hubby and I are the proud new owners of a beautiful 5 year old collie named Brenna! Sometime I will tell you more about her, but right now I only have time to post a picture…mostly because I have to take her on her afternoon walk in a little bit. 🙂 She is pretty shy right now because she’s had a rough life until now…but we are confident that with love and a little more time, she will come out of her shell.


Last, but certainly not the least cause of my rollercoaster days, was the news of a sudden and severe emergency with a 6 year old girl from our church. A virus attacked her heart, and fluid began to build up around it, causing her doctors to rush her to a hospital in St. Louis. She almost passed away Tuesday night, but they were able to revive her using CPR. For almost a week, little A. was put on a heart-lung machine, and we were all hoping that her heart will start pumping on its own again. But finally it was decided that she would need a heart transplant. Her doctors performed surgery Monday to put in a temporary device called a Berlin Heart that will pump blood for her until a matching donor heart is available. Needless to say, this whole experience has been difficult for her family, as well as our whole church. But we praise God that He has brought little A. through this tramatic ordeal so far, and that He will continue to be with her through the days ahead as she waits for a new heart. If you are member of Crochetville and want to help A. and her family by helping me crochet a special comfortghan, you can read this thread for more information!

Many blessings on this Lord’s Day!



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