Winter Wonderland!

Okay, I’m finally getting around to posting some pics from our neighborhood during the winter storm we all just went through! This thing was massive, huh? But I am truly thankful for our bit of it…we only lost power for a few minutes here and there…and I finally have gotten to enjoy real winter weather for the first time in 4 years! I know it may sound ridiculously crazy to some of you, but this was a seriously exciting event for me. I am still in awe as I look out the window each day and realize the snow and ice are still here…it wasn’t just a dream! Anyway, let me show you some pics…

This was what greeted me when I woke up Wednesday morning:


Oh, well, and this greeted me, too:


The trees were covered in a sheer layer of ice from Tuesdays constant sleet/freezing rain mix, but the ice on the ground was covered by snow…a beautiful, though treacherous combination:


The neighbor’s lane looked like something out of a fairytale:


I just love snow-covered branches. Don’t you?


Oh, and then yesterday the icicles started growing like spectacular stalactites! Sadly, they got so very long and heavy that they all fell off today.


Ah, thank you, God, for winter and for all the wonder of the seasons! You truly do display Your might and awesome power through Your creation!


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