Fabulous Feline Fun!

Well, now that all that Ebay pattern theif craziness is over, I can get back to posting what I really wanted to blog about earlier! I am in the process of designing and testing various cat toys to add to my Etsy shop, and I am happy to announce these two new additions:

First, Fantastic Fuzzballs–These are by far Maggie’s favorite toy, especially for playing fetch! She was easy to capture in my photos for the shop, hard to keep out of the way actually. Hee, hee! These will be sold in packs of 6 with a variety of colors.


Also, a new favorite around our house–Catnip Pies! These are fully loaded with catnip, and so great for rolling, tossing, catching and carrying around in your mouth (if you’re a cat, that is!)  I’m packing these in sets of 3, each one a different “flavor” of pie. 🙂


Oh, by the way, I’m also excited to tell you that a sample of my Fantastic Fuzzballs will be in the February Boxes over at PetsJubilee. In each fun box you’ll find samples of treats and toys, as well as money-saving coupons, from pet-loving crafters all over Etsy. That way you can try out new things and see which ones your furbabies enjoy without spending an arm and a leg on something they’ll just ignore. Plus, they donate a portion of each sale to the SPCA! I encourage you to check ’em out today!


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