Shame on you!

Update: I am happy to announce that Ebay did indeed respond to my concern, as well as the reports of many other designers, and removed all of this seller’s listings. Thank you, Ebay!

To the theiving person who is trying to sell my American Folk-Art Style Heart pattern on Ebay: Shame on you! You have been reported to the Ebay authorities, and I hope that you were not foolish enough to list anyone else’s free patterns for sale too. If you did, I don’t think you’ll be very successful at all! The online crochet community is by and large very close and very concerned about helping and protecting one another. It was silly of you to post a pattern that has been linked to by so many free pattern sites and used by so many people. It was very foolish of you to not only steal my pattern but even steal my own photograph! You can be sure I am even now in process of making changes to my site and photos so that neither you nor anyone else will be able to make the same poor choice again. And I am further disgusted that you had the audacity to claim that all the patterns you have up for sale were from books or pamphlets that you own. What a lie. I hope that you will think things through better in the future and realize that crime doesn’t pay. As the old saying goes, “Be sure your sins will find you out!”


6 thoughts on “Shame on you!

  1. I can’t believe they’re doing that! A simple search proves all they’re doing is ripping off people’s generous, free patterns. Seriously, what is the world coming to when people will try to rip others off with what they could be getting for free. Disgusting! Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

  2. It’s funny, I recognize most of those as free patterns I have saved off on ravelry to do! It’s sad that people do that.

  3. I too received word that patterns from my site were being sold by this person. Some were available via Creative Commons, but only with attribution to the source, and certainly not for resale on eBay.

    Some images that I had created to go along with these patterns were also stolen.

    I too complained to eBay. We’ll see what happens.

  4. Good for you! I contacted someone who was reselling individual patterns from the Crochet A Day Calendar because she was selling one of Dot Matthew’s free patterns on Ebay. Her response was a bit ugly saying she knew her copyright law and basically told me to “butt out.”

    I tried to link to the Ebayer you posted and guess what? He or she has ZERO feedback and appears to no longer be in business! You did well!

    I, like so many other crocheters/crafters/sewers etc., love the free patterns that others design and share. Some of my favorite patterns have come from the generosity of others and they, in turn, have inspired me to create a few of my own. 🙂 Thank you for helping to protect a wonderful thing!

  5. I looked and it seems that this person has taken down all of their postings. Hurray!!! It just stinks that they had the idea in the first place to do such a thing. Hopefully e-bay kicks them off.

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