Christmas Crochet 2008

As promised, here are the projects that kept me away from blogging in November and December! It was alot of work to come up with something to make for everyone, but it was an enjoyable task, too. I crocheted something for everyone except my FIL and my mom. I sewed my FIL a fleece neck pillow, which I apparently did not photograph before stuffing it in the box and wrapping it. My mom was the only one who didn’t get something I made. Instead, I found a couple cute pig and santa theme items I knew she would like at the church Christmas bazaar. But I have promised something crocheted for her birthday in March, so I’ll have to get on that little project soon. Anyway, here are the photos and pattern links and all that good “stuff”…

Neck Gaiters for Dad and my brother (np)–I used Wendy’s Unisex Neck Sock pattern for these, as written for Caron SS yarn (black) and modified for worsted weight yarn (brown.)

Dad's neck gaiters

For my BIL, I crocheted this Skater Beanie and zig-zag scarf. The beanie pattern is found here, and the scarf was my own design. I really do want to write down a simple pattern for this one, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Jeremy's Hat Scarf2

I crochet this Aran Sample Tote for my MIL, as well as a little aran wallet to match. You have to register to view the pattern, but it is free. I modified it a good bit to suit my tastes, but the pattern is nice. The wallet was improvised using some of the stitches from the tote.



Of course, I made this Santa Stocking for my SIL to add to the family collection, and the pattern I designed for it can be found on my Pattern Place.


This teal hat and scarf set was for my DH’s sister. The scarf is the free pdf version of the One Skein Scarf, and the hat is YarnCat’s Claire Modern Flapper Hat, only with a smaller flower.


I crocheted this orange scarf and hat set for my brother’s new wife. I used the instructions from CrochetMe’s Zen and the Art of Stash-diving for the scarf, and improvised a hat design to match it.

So, there you have it–all the Christmas crocheting for 2008 was finished and sent away in time, and I’m glad to have it done. Now I really need to come up with some quick Valentine’s Day projects for the shop and finish a special order scarf for a friend at church! The fun (work) never ends!


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