2008 in Pictures

Well, December came andwent without much posting by me! I was sick, then busy with Christmas preparations at church, plus all the Christmas crocheting. I will be showing off those items soon, but I’m not feeling like it right now. I just got this idea from a few other bloggers, picking a photo from each month of blogging with a quick blurb….so here it is: 2008 in Pictures!

In January, I had fun developing my heart pattern and making a couple of these scarves, just in time for Valentines!

February brought bunches of crocheting for myself (hee,hee!), including this fun cable hat.
Cable Hat 2

March brought the completion of my Spring Trench Coat, at last.
Trench Coat Side1

In April, I announced that we’d be moving out of Texas: lots of packing ensued!
moving boxes1

In May, spring welcomed me with open arms in Southern Illinois.
bramble blossoms3

Our lives, and my lap, became a bit more full when these adorable little sweets came to stay with us the first weekend of June.
lapful of kittens

July brought wild blackberries. YUM!

August saw the reopening of my little crochet shop on Etsy!

September was a tough photo choice: apple pie or embroidered cat toys? Well, the cat toys won because the pie pics weren’t that good…but the pie was! 🙂

October was a busy month for us as we painted many rooms in our new house.

Fantastic fall foliage greeted me every morning in November.

And, of course, December brought Christmas, wonderful time with family and friends, and reflecting on Jesus birth!

Whew! What an exciting year! I’m sure God has many more wonderful blessings in store for 2009. Happy New Year!


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