Colds, Christmas, Cats and Crochet

Well, I’ve contracted my first virus of the season. Not really something to celebrate, especially since it has attacked my throat with a vengeance. The timing is pretty horrible because I not only have to get my preschool choir ready for their special this Sunday, but I’m also supposed to sing for a local women’s group on Thursday. I have a feeling that my voice will not be strong enough by then, but I’m praying that I’m wrong about that. I’m doing my best to get well, but these things have to run their course, no matter what.
On a happier note, the Christmas decorations are up and have not been totally destroyed by the kittens, yet. DH and I did resort to putting the Christmas tree in our bedroom, however, because they could not leave it alone. I came out into the living room one morning and found part of a Christmas light, the rest of which apparently was eaten. I didn’t even attempt putting decorations on the tree until we had it behind closed doors because it was obviously my three little dare-devils were not able to resist the temptation! Hopefully next year everyone will be mature enough to enjoy the tree from a distance…. I did enjoy getting to set up all of my nutcracker collection for the first time ever, and the kitties have been pretty good about leaving them alone. The only other thing they’ve bothered is my little mini-Christmas tree display atop the piano. I think they have a fascination with the trees because they feel somewhat like grass…which is fun to chew! Here’s hoping that the poor little tree survive until next year!
Speaking of cats, I caught Molly in this funny pose last week sometime. I heard an odd noise coming from the cats’ room and found Molly trying to get under this upside down basket. Now, we’ve teased the kitties by putting the basket on top of them before, but I’d never seen one of them actually trying to get underneath it on purpose. Too cute.

In relation to crochet/crafts, I’m happy to report that I made some unexpected sales this week! The ladies of the church held a wonderful Christmas brunch and silent auction to raise funds for a local homeless shelter, and they invited crafters and collectors to come show their “wares” as a part of the festivities. As a result, I had a couple of people request custom orders and a few more people who asked me to bring back some of the things I had on display so they could purchase them! I was thrilled! I think this area will be much more craft-friendly than where we lived in Texas, and I’m hoping that will help me begin to turn a profit someday soon!

Well, I’d better be off now. I have more work to do on my Christmas gifts, and since I’m sick, now is the perfect time to do it!

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