The holiday season is here! Yippee!

Well I have been very busy away from the house lately…errands, church activities, and the like…so my poor little blog has been sorely neglected. I thought I’d better at least try to get one post done before Thanksgiving, even though I don’t have a lot of things to share right now…Just kitty pics and a couple little felt projects.

My babies are now 7 months old, and calming down accordingly. They are also getting lots bigger! I had put their collars away for a couple of weeks, and when I went to put them back on yesterday, I had to drastically loosen them to fit properly! They cold weather is also encouraging lots of snuggling these days, and I got some cute shots of them snoozing on our bed yesterday. The lighting in the master bedroom is pretty horrible for taking photographs, and I’m not in the mood to retouch this one right now, but you get the picture. They are just like one big kitty-blob!


One of the projects I’ve been working on, aside from Christmas gifts, are these little felt heart Christmas ornaments. Our church is having a bazaar and silent auction to raise money for a local homeless ministry, so I made these little ornaments to help out. I actually made four total, but I forgot to take pics of the last two before taking them to church.

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Stitching on all those little seed bead was not as much fun as you may think, but I guess it was worth the result. I also made one with a seed bead snowflake, which was very cute…too bad I didn’t take a picture!

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Part of me would like to make some more of these for my etsy shop, but it seems like there are already alot of people selling similar things there. What do you think? I am somewhat at a loss about what to sell these days. I have sold a couple sets of personalized cat toys, so I’m thinking about making more pet-related items…it’s just hard to know what to do, especially with all the worries people have about the economy these days. It’s not going to help me one single bit!

But we still have more to be thankful for than I could ever list out here. And I plan to fully enjoy this Thanksgiving with family, giving God the glory for all He’s done for us over the past year. What a year it has been! Thank you, Lord!

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