Retriever Cat

I’ve been crocheting up a storm lately, but I can’t show any of it…cause it’s all Christmas stuff! When I do get a chance, though, I’ll be posting a couple new patterns on my pattern page. I just have to get them typed up into the computer and have to test one again first. So, for today, all you get is a funny little video I made of Maggie playing fetch! Yes, that’s right…she taught herself to play fetch, and DH and I discovered this entirely by accident! One night we were sitting in the family room when Maggie came and started playing with her favorite toy (a small crochet circle that has been loved into a mere ball of fuzz) right on his lap. He didn’t really want her there at the moment, so he threw her toy across the room to get her to go play over there. Instead, she went and picked up the toy and brought it back to him. He threw it again, and she brought it back again! This went on for a few minutes, with us laughing hysterically by the end. I’ve heard of cats playing fetch, but I figured it was something their owners taught them to do…not Maggie…here she has been wanting to play all along, and we didn’t know it! Now, whenever she brings her toy and starts playing with right in the middle of what I’m doing, I toss it for her until she gets tired of that and goes somewhere else! So, without further ado, here is Maggie, the Retriever Cat:

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