Shop Update–Winter Item No. 1

Hey all! I’ve been so bad about blogging lately, I know. But I have been getting some important crafting done in the mean time, so that kind of makes up for it, I think! I just wanted to pop in and show you my most recent items that are now for sale over at Cocoa Cream Crochet. First is another addition to my little line of bath crochet, the Pure White Bath Puff.


I love making these, so simple and so quick to crochet! If only we could spare the extra money, I’d buy a zillion different colors of cotton and just crochet bath puffs all day! But, DH has informed me that we need to take a severe cut in spending…so no crazy yarn shopping for now!

My newest creation is one I’m very happy to share because it was a stash-busting project that came to me in the middle of the night: a scarflette!


These things seem to be all the rage right now, and they really are very stylish and practical! What I love so much about them is that I can make them with just one little skein of yarn! I had this particular yarn, a super soft nylon/acrylic blend, sitting around forr months, not knowing what it wanted to become. But one night I realized what it wanted to be! Yippee! I hope to make another one of these in the coming weeks, next time in a red-toned fuzzy, sparkly, boucle-type novelty yarn. I can hardly wait!


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