I Heart Fall!

Yes, it’s true…autumn must be my favorite season, although I love each of them in their own way. I’ve always had this nostalgic,romantic sort of feeling about fall that I cannot explain. There is something about the crisp morning air with a hint of wood smoke and dried leaves that majically transports me back to my childhood….and suddenly I am standing at the old creaky screen door, lunchbox in hand, feeling the misty morning breeze against my cheeks as I wait for my ride to school. And then I recall one of my favorite fall events growing up–the Harvest of Harmony Parade. I grew up in Grand Island, Nebraska, a true railroad town in the heart of cornhusker country. Neither a small town, nor a big city, Grand Island had its own special blend of time-honored traditions. The Parade was one of those great old traditions that I will never forget. We lived only blocks from the center of downtown, within easy walking distance of the parade route. My family and I often joined thousands of other eager parade-goers lining the sidewalks downtown, huddled in old quilts and wool blankets, sipping hot cocoa or piping apple ciider from a nearby street vendor. I can see it all now–marching bands, Shriners on tiny motorcycles, horse-drawn carriages, local beauty queens, and rosy-cheeked younsters chasing candy tossed into the  crowd. Yup, I loved it all! But even now, so many years since my last parade, I am still in love with the harvest season. And perhaps now, in the quietness and serenity of the country, I appreciate it all even more. Ripe red apples, crunching brown leaves, honking geese overhead…you just can’t beat the sights, sounds and scents of autumn! As I took my morning walk today, I was in awe of the amazing changes happening all around me. I was practically bursting with praise to our Great Creator by the time I arrived back at the house. He is so Good!


2 thoughts on “I Heart Fall!

  1. Ah, the Harvest of Harmony Parade! Remember that time we had to walk the parade and hand out stickers for Terri? That’s the only time I ever went. But I did make the mistake of going to the mall on the day of the parade a couple times–I’ve never seen the Conestoga busier! Thanks for bringing back memories 🙂

  2. My dad ran a half marathon in GI a couple of weeks ago, and we drove by “your” house in an attempt to find a spot to give him Gatorade. Wow! It’s amazing how one thing will trigger a whole bunch of memories! =) For some crazy reason the one that stands out to me is a sleepover where we watched “Newsies” ( I had never seen it before), and someone there (you?) spent the whole movie trying to convince me that Christian Bale looked like Josh S – which I never did understand…. Hmmm… Anyway…. I never made it to the Harvest of Harmony parade. Strange, huh? I guess our band was never going to be playing and marching at the same time! =)

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