Bits and Pieces

Today I haven’t done alot of things around the house, although I should have. But I did accomplish one thing I have been wanting to do for a long time. I made business cards! Yay! I found these nice templates over at Business Card Land. They have a number of free templates to customize and save as .pdf’s to print later. I think they came out looking very classy and professional! And now I’ll have something to hand out to new contacts and friends and to include when I ship items to my customers!


I also was able to take a quick photo of my progress so far on my “Chanson Hibernal” (Winter Song) capelet. I am enjoying the pattern. It certainly isn’t boring as each row has a new stitch sequence. I am really looking forward to completing this and being able to wear it this winter as a little shoulder-warmer at church. When this one is finished, I’m planning to make a white shawl for next spring and summer, possibly using Doris Chan’s All-Shawl design. I have alot of other crochet projects in my head as well, mostly things I should make for my shop, but I’m not sure when I’ll get around to it all!


Revisiting the subject of pie baking, I had mixed results with my attempts at pear pie yesterday. I did find a great tasting recipe for crust, via, the French Pastry Pie Crust. Reni suggested I use lard, which I would if I had any. My mother always uses lard, but she also uses a similare recipe to the one I used. The vinegar, egg and sugar lends just the flavor I was wanting! However, the pears I used were just much too hard and refused to cook down before the crust was browned. It was disapointing to cut open the pie and realize it was inedible, but I’m over that now. I look forward to trying this crust again, but I think I’ll stick to some fruit that is not hard as rocks when I do!

Oh, and about that little idea I hinted about in my last post…I was thinking about starting to sell some spiced tea and cookie mixes in my Etsy shop, but then I found out that the government even has rules and regulations about that sort of thing! I’m having a hard enough time sorting out the tax laws right now, so I certainly don’t need to extra red tape that being a food vendor involves! I guess I’ll stick to using mixes as gifts and only sell non-edible items in my shop!

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