Pie and Ice Cream

Oh my, can it really have been so long since I last posted!? Deary me! I have just been ever so busy with church activities, housekeeping, kitten-chasing and all manner of homey goodness that I have hardly even thought about blogging! I guess I have alot of catching up to do, but I don’t have much time do it because in a little while it will be time to get ready to head back to church again. So, I will have to make this update quick!

First of all, it is beginning to feel like autumn in Southern Illinois, which makes me very happy after 4 long years of nearly imperceptible seasons in Texas! And around here autumn means lots of apples, pears and peaches. I actually think the peaches are finishing up, but the other two seem to be in great abundance right now! At Kroger I found these lovely locally grown Jonathans for a fabulous price and couldn’t pass them up!

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With about 4 lbs. I was able to make a lovely apple pie (yum!) and a simply scrumptious apple crisp. I simply cannot eat a bite of apple crisp without being majically transported back to my childhood… My mother made lots of delicious apple crisp when I was young, and I’m glad to have discovered that I own a recipe that produces virtually the same flavor experience! I was not quite as happy with my pie, although it turned out perfectly. I simply do not like the crust recipe I have. I am looking for one that is slightly on the sweeter, flakier side, rather than your standard basic pie pastry. Any ideas out there?

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Today I sliced some super crisp pears that were given to us by a couple at church. I’ll be making a pie with most of them as well, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. I have never had pear pie, but I found a simple recipe that is very similar to apple. I’m told they taste very similar, and these pears are so firm that I’m sure they will hold up to baking very well!

When I haven’t been baking, I’ve been crocheting. Yay! Last weekend I finished up my “Neopolitan Ice Cream” Haekelbeutel for the CAL (see links in post below.) I am so pleased with the results. The handles are just the right length, and I seem to have crocheted them tightly enough to prevent alot of stretching. I would like to line this eventually, but I don’t have any matching material in the house right now. I did carry a WIP around in the bag this weekend while at a women’s retreat, and it worked great for that purpose…so I’m okay with not lining it for a while. I’m so glad this project is done because I have lots more in my head! In fact, I just started a pretty little shawl/capelet for winter. It’s called Chanson en Crochet, which I thought was appropriate since the yarn I’m using is some mohair from France! I’ll have to get a picture of my progress soon, but no time today!


The last thing I have to say is that I have a new idea for my Etsy shop, but I can’t share it just now. I have to think through all the details and get some input and set some things in stone…just lets suffice to say that I have some truly “sweet” ideas rolling around in my head…just in time for the holidays, too!


One thought on “Pie and Ice Cream

  1. My MIL who passed away a few years ago at 83 made the BEST pies I ever tasted in my entire life. Her recipe was never duplicated by my SIL or I for many years until one day I saw her putting in a “secret” ingredient we did not know about: Lard!
    Some time ago I came across the recipe I just knew was the one she made because of all the ingredients and the amounts. It’s on: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/BEST-EVER-PIE-CRUST-238816
    I hope it has worked as well for you as it has me.

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