Kitty items in my shop!


Okay, so I managed to work myself out of enough of the “funk” I was in earlier today to get some crafting done. I’ve been wanting to create some cat toys to sell in my Etsy shop for a while now, but I just hadn’t had the inspiration for anything really original yet…until a couple of days ago, that is. Suddenly the idea for these cute little monogrammed catnip pillows popped into my head! I haven’t done any embroidery or cross-stitch recently, so it was a refreshing experience to sit with a needle and thread in hand again. It also seems the kitties are not quite so difficult to manage when it comes to fabric and thread. Indeed, Max did almost step on my pins and needle at one point, but we quickly averted that incident, thankfully!


He also was kind enough to volunteer his help with my photoshoot of the “dummy” toys. (I call them “dummies” because the ones I photographed don’t actually have any catnip or jingle bells in them…they were just a trial version for the photos! Of course, the real things I make when people order will have both a bell and catnip inside, but what Max doesn’t know won’t hurt him!) Anyway, if your kitties need a little new toy lovin’, hop on over to my shop and order yours today!


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