Winter Rose Test Square


Here is a quick little project I just completed today! It was my first time testing a pattern for someone, and it was a great experience! I enjoyed the chance to try a new pattern as well as give feedback when I found something confusing or needing correction. So many times I am making something and find errors in the pattern, but I can’t directly contact the person who created the pattern and let them know! If I ever design something that is more difficult than the basic ones I have so far, I’ll be sure to have people test it before I publish it! I can now see more than ever the value in doing so.

Anyway, this square was created by Julee of Julee’s Quality Crochet Patterns. It is a 12″ afghan square, although mine turned out to be approximately 1 1/2″. I think if I blocked it, then it would measure 12 inches. I used a bit of  Caron SS I had in my scrap bucket and a G hook. I hoped to have enough blue to do the whole square, but I could see by the last few rows that I wouldn’t. So I used the white to create a nice contrasting edge. I actually like it even better this way than all one color! It seemed to bring out some of the interesting stitches a little more. This was a more challenging square than I would usually make myself, as it has several different stitch patterns that I couldn’t just memorize as I went. All these patterns make a square that looks heirloom quality, and I can imagine some beautiful afghans made from this pattern!


What am I going to do with my square? Well, I’m going to make another with the rest of my white yarn and  send them off to someone making a comfortghan! Since Judy sent me all that yarn for my Haekelbeutel Bag, I just feel like passing the love!


Stitchin’ and Grinnin’,



4 thoughts on “Winter Rose Test Square

  1. I love this square and since I make a lot of 12 inch squares, I’m going to find this one and use it very soon. I think finishing it in white was a perfect decision. Janet

  2. I found your blog and I liked it pretty much. Very inspirational. Although I prefer knitting I also like crochet. And cats. And nice recipes (like the one below with blackberries…)

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