Molly, here…

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Ha, ha! I am so much smarter than Meowmy thinks…. She couldn’t figure out how to get my picture the right size, but it’s such a piece of cake!

…Oh, hi! Molly, here! Shhhh, don’t tell! I’m supposed to be sleeping on the kitchen rug with Max and Maggie, but that was getting kinda boring. So, since Meowmy has been so bad about blogging lately, I decided it was time for somebody to take up the slack. She says she’s been really busy, but c’mon! What does she really do all day besides take care of us? And that’s not so hard. All we ask for is 4 square meals a day, plus crunchy food in between and our litter boxes to be cleaned daily….and a few play times a day, just so we don’t get too bored, as well as lots of pats and rubs and snuggles when we are feeling cuddly…. Oh, and I guess we did have to go to the vet a couple time this week. The first time seemed okay, just a shot and a check up from the doctor. But, boy do I wish he’d stop clipping my toenails every time we go there! I can’t climb up Meowmy’s legs whenever he does that! He just ruins all our fun! The car ride is not so great either, with Max hollering to get out the whole time and all. But the second trip to the vet seemed totally unnecessary! Sure, I have worms, and sure I wouldn’t take my medicine at home with my food. But did that mean old vet tech really have to shove that pill down my throat?! Good grief! I hope next time Meowmy gets up the nerve to just give it to me herself. At least it would save alot of hassle!

By the way, did you notice how clean I am? Yeah, we got baths yesterday. Not my idea of fun, not in the least. But this time Meowmy did it really fast, so it wasn’t quite so bad. And I got a nice massage in a hot towel when it was all over. Now that was NICE! I think we need to do that more often, only without the bath! I’m glad I don’t have long hair like Maggie, though, ‘cuz her baths take longer than mine. I don’t know what’s wrong with her, but she hates getting the towel massage! Not me and Max, though, we love it!

Meowmy has been cleaning like crazy this week and keeps saying something about “family” coming. I don’t have a clue what that means, but I think it might be why we had to take a bath. Oh well, I hope it’s something good! Maybe Max or Maggie will fill you in on the details later. I should probably get off the computer before Meowmy finds out what I’m doing! Otherwise, she might send me to my room….oh, wait, this is my room! Hee, hee! Don’t tell her I was here, okay? Thanks! I’ll check back in a few weeks! Bye!

Luv, Molly


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