Blackberry Summer

Yesterday I went on my usual weekday walk, even though it had been raining on and off all day (took the umbrella, just in case!) As I was going past a neighbor’s property I noticed some blackberry cane that was quite full of red berries. But what’s this? Some of the berries were black and ready to pick! I was so excited that I hightailed it home, shortening my usual route a bit. I threw on some old boots and jeans, doused myself in Deep Woods Off! and grabbed a butter tub I’d saved for, quite ironically, a “rainy day!”

Well, I quickly learned that picking blackberries in our small forest is not going to be quite as much fun as picking raspberries in the Black Hills with my mom. For one thing, berry picking is always more fun with a friend. But more importantly, the underbrush is so incredibly thick that I can’t get to most of the berries in the first place! It was also so humid from the rain we’d had that I felt like I was walking through the Amazon, picking spider webs off my face and expecting snakes to cross my path at any moment. In spite of dropping my bucket twice and getting caught on every bramble and thorn I passed, I was proud to come home with a full two cups of blackberries! And this is just the very beginning…there are so many more back there that have yet to ripen. I’m sure I will have alot more next time I go picking!
So, having these lovely fresh berries, but not yet enough for a pie, I had to find a recipe I could make with these! I recently found the site, and I am addicted to it! I have been going there on a daily basis to find recipes for my weekly meals, and I have enjoyed everything I’ve tried so far! I found this recipe for Blackberry Cobbler and decided to give it a whirl, since I had all the ingredients needed on hand. Like many of the reviewers, I chose to drop half the dough in the baking dish, sprinkle it with cinnamon sugar, then add the berries and another layer of dough. I poured the sugar syrup over the whole thing, gave it another generous sprinkling of cinnamon sugar, and popped it in the oven! Here it is before baking:
I kept checking it every 15 minutes or so, because the oven in my new house does not have a window in the door. How annoying is that!? I really miss being able to just peek into the oven and see how things are doing without opening the door and letting out a bunch of heat. Anyway, I haven’t quite figured out how my oven bakes things, but I have noticed that most things need to come out a bit early or they burn. I did end up taking the cobbler out about 10 minutes early. And here is the finished product:
I should have given a little disclaimer reminding you that I am not very good at taking photos of food yet. I just don’t have a very photogenic kitchen or cutsie little utensils, or soft lighting… Just really yummy food! Which reminds me, I need to go taste my handywork now! Wish I could share…


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