Flickr Frustration

I am so annoyed with yahoo/flickr right now. I just wanted to upload some new photos of the 3M’s, but when I went to flickr I wasn’t signed in anymore. I don’t know why because I never log out, but I think sometimes my computer wipes my cookies clean while doing a security check. This is usually fine, but not when it happens to my flickr account! See, I set it up when we were in Texas using the email account connected to our internet service, which was connected to yahoo. When we moved, I tried to change my email address in my flickr account, and I thought that I had changed my yahoo ID at the same time…apparently not. I cannot sign in no matter what I do! I’ve used every email address I can think of, along with every password I’ve ever used! No luck. I cannot get into flickr. Even when I asked to have my password sent to me, I got some kind of error message saying that the information I entered didn’t match any on record. At one point they directed me to my internet service provider’s website, saying I could change my password there. But I don’t use the same ISP that was connected with this old address that apparently is still my yahoo ID. I am at my wit’s end. I have upwards of 200 photos uploaded on flickr, and I can’t access my account. So frustrating.

So, I gave up and went back over to photobucket, which I don’t really like anymore at all. But at least I was able to log in and upload my photos! And here they are… The babies are about 11 weeks old now. They just had their second round of booster shots yesterday, and I took these pics while they were just lounging around recovering. They always sleep alot after they get back from the vet. It’s not so much the actual time in the vet’s office, because they seem to enjoy sniffing around and exploring and meeting new people there. But the trip to and from in the carrier makes them a little weary. Max especially does not enjoy being in the car. Once we stop moving, he quiets right down, but when we’re going down the road he constantly voices his displeasure! Maggie and Molly don’t talk as much, but they don’t look like they enjoy the ride much, either. The shots make them sleepier than anything, though. Thank goodness that they are back to normal today! We had a good game of “Chase the Kibble” in the kitchen this morning, and now they are taking their usual afternoon nap! Well, enough talking….here are the kitties!

Max decided that lying on my crochet hook case and leaning again the sewing machine was pretty comfy.

Maggie has no idea that she looks like a little jail bird, complete with striped uniform!

Molly demonstrates how much they’ve all grown in the past four weeks. All three babies used to be able to fit in this easily, but not now!

Sorry about the thumbnails. They are clickable, but I really prefer to post larger images right here. I just can’t get photobucket to cooperate with me on this. That’s why I switched to flickr in the first place… grrr… Anyway, maybe I’ll get it all straightened out eventually. I’ll have to have hubby look at it when he gets home. *Sigh*


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