Walk in the Wild

Goodness, has it really been a week already since my last post? Yikes! I really was going to try to update things more often, but I guess I haven’t had much to share crafting wise in the past week. The only real crafting I’ve done was hemming up the black-out curtains we bought for the bedroom, and that’s not worth sharing, IMO. So, instead, how about a few pics from the walk I took this morning?!

I noticed something bright orange blooming in the field across from the house about a week ago, and I was excited to see that it was some vibrant butterfly weed! We have alot of swallowtail butterflies around here, and I’m sure this is one thing that keeps them coming back. A friend of mine gave me some seed for butterfly weed before we left Texas, and I’m glad to know it will grow well here. I’d like to have a small butterfly/hummingbird garden area in our backyard next summer, and this will definitely be going in there!

Butterfly Weed

This is a small pond that is down one of the roads I take during my walks. I was sad to find out that it is a private pond, according to the NO TRESPASSING sign auspiciously posted along the road. I really would love to go walk around it every now and then, looking for turtles and frogs and what-not. It’s a sweet little pond surrounded by lots of wildflowers, so it’s really a pity I can’t get closer to it. Oh well…I’m an extremely conscientious person, so I will not cross the property line. You’ve got to respect people’s wishes! I can still enjoy it from the road, anyway. Today as I was walking by, a huge waterbird (a Great Blue Heron, I think) flew up from the banks. It was just gorgeous, so graceful and gentle in flight! I love living out here!


These little lovelies are growing right on the side of the road, beautifying their otherwise dry and gray surroundings. They look like Morning Glories, but they may just be some kind of weed. They’re pretty anyway! Every week brings out a few new flowers, so I’m sure I’ll have more pics to share in a few! Oh, and the blackberries are turning red now. It’s only a matter of time before I get to pick them…YUM!

Wild Morning Glories

Have a lovely summery day!



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