Blah Thursdays

Although “Blah Thursdays” does not sound like a very good meme title, it would seem an appropriate description of my current weekly routine for Thursdays. I don’t know why, but nearly every Thursday since we’ve moved I end up feeling very unmotivated, and therefore, end up being very unproductiive. Today, for instance, I completed my morning routine of devotions, breakfast, dishes, a walk, and my shower. Then I plopped myself down in front of the computer to watch a completely boring and uneducational dvd on cat ownership (free item from the vet). Meanwhile, the kittens, equally bored by the dvd, fell asleep in my lap, thus pinning me to my chair and necessitating more mind-numbing screen time.

At this point, I was unwittingly sucked into a thread on The Cat Site Forum about the evils of various cat food brands and the reasons one should choose “higher quality” (translation: highly expensive) food for one’s cat. Now, don’t get me wrong…I love my kittens, and I truly do want the best for them. But if I have to live with cheap Wal-mart brand food and 73/27 not-so-lean ground beef…my cats are not going to be able to have organic filet mignon for dinner every night! They will eventually be allowed outdoors, too (*gasp*) so they can catch all the nasty little rodents that are currently residing around our house. I know that many, many cat-lovers today are opposed to this, but I grew up around farm cats and indoor/outdoor cats. And most of them lived a full, happy and long life, even though they were not brought up in the very lap of luxury. So, my dear kittens, you will simply have to eat Purina One (with the occasional morsel of Science Diet, also a free item from the vet) and use Tidy Cats litter, and we will live humbly and happily ever after. The End.

(Please forgive the lengthy rant. I just had to get that out of my system. Thanks!)

By this time, as you can well imagine, I had developed quite a headache, and it was time for lunch. So I peeled myself off the chair, peeling the kittens off of me, as well. The rest of the day has been just as boring and blah as the beginning was, though. And I still have a headache. But at least I have a few precious kitten photos I can share. That should make this post at least a little less depressing, shouldn’t it?

I love this picture of Maggie sitting in the sun. Isn’t she a beautiful little girl?
Maggie 6-17c

As you can see, Max is turning out to be a highly photogenic little guy. I have so many good photos of him I could hardly choose which one to post.
Max 6-17b

This one of Molly turned out really well, too. I just wish I could capture the truly lovely blue in her eyes. It looks a little dark here, but still beautiful.
Molly 6-17c

Ah, that’s better…nothing like a little “cuteness” therapy to chase the blah’s away!


3 thoughts on “Blah Thursdays

  1. Oh!! They are adorable! Can I have them? NO!? Well darn… You’ll just have to promise to post pictures of them as they grow, so I can get my kitten fix! I have 3 cats already, so it’s probably better you don’t let me have them!

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