God’s Wild World

As I write this I have all three of my precious kittens sleeping in my lap. It seems I am their favorite bed of all! If I am sitting down, they want to be in my lap or to climb up on my shoulders (which can prove rather painful at times). If I am standing up working on something, they climb up and down my legs, meowing constantly. You’d think the poor things were starved for attention or something! But at least today has been better for them than yesterday. I had to take them to the vet Monday because two were having bad diarrhea. He gave me some medicine to help, but he said not to feed them all day so it would have a chance to take effect. Then when I started them back on food yesterday, I had to feed them just a little at a time. Needless to say, the kitties were no happy with me at all. Finally, my DH came home and decided we should go ahead and feed them a full meal since they’d been diarrhea-free all day. That sure helped quiet them down for a while! So today we are back on our regular helpings of food, and everybody (including me) is much happier!

favorite bed

On a more random note, I had forgotten just how much wildlife you experience when living in the country. I have seen so many critters since we moved here! Of course we have many species of songbirds, which are lovely to watch and hear singing in the trees. Then there are the little lizards and frogs here and there, if you are lucky enough to see them. One afternoon DH and I came home to a slender green snake slithering down the rail of the deck. I was rather surprised by it, just because it’s a snake…but green snakes are perfectly harmless and eat lots of big bugs and spiders, so he is welcome here. We have seen a luna moth, which was a neat experience. They are such spectacular looking insects. They must also be tasty, because whatever creature keeps feasting on bugs on our deck at night ate it, too! (I know because the wings were left in the morning.) But this morning I got another interesting surprise when I walked past the patio doors and saw this:

Stag Beetle

It is just a large Stag Beetle, fairly common as far as I can tell, but I had never seen one in real life before. I am not a fan of big bugs, but I decided to be brave and go out to get a photo anyway. They are just another remarkable part of God’s wonderful creation, after all! It certainly reminded me what a wonderful and creative God I serve. He made something so odd looking as a stag beetle, as well as these sweet little kittens of mine. What an amazing Creator!


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