Fur-Babies Are Here!

I can’t write much today because I am busy following the kittens around the house and trying to keep them out of trouble. They are so tiny, so curious, and so precious! But they require quite a bit of supervision right now, too!

Sibling love

Here they are enjoying the beds I crocheted for them. I made me so happy when they started using these! I guess I did a good job.


This sweet and playful little girl was thinking about eating my toes. She seemed shy at first, but now she is the first one to get into everything and constantly wants to play.

Mr. Talkative

Here is our very talkative little boy. If anything is not right, he will tell you…loudly! 

The Snuggle-Bug

And here is our little cuddler. She wants nothing more than to curl up on your lap or snuggle up under your chin and fall asleep.

lapful of kittens

I’m so glad they love each other so much. I hope it lasts, even when they are grown!


2 thoughts on “Fur-Babies Are Here!

  1. Very cute. Isn’t it great when you make something for a pet and they actually like it for more than a minute? The pictures are good too; your description of each furry kid matched the pic well. Good luck with trying to corral them…

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