A daisy a day…

I actually tried to post this yesterday, but flickr was having issues with uploading my photos…so this is a day late, but I guess that’s okay.

 scrap basket2

I’ve been catching up on all my favorite blogs, and it’s making me wish I had more time and inspiration to get crafty. But the whole moving process sort of sapped my creative energies, what with all the packing, cleaning, unpacking, more cleaning…and then beginning to remodel. I think alot of my crocheting and sewing in the coming year is going to be more functional and practical than just for fun. For example, the project I have on my hook now….

blue rag rug

This is a mini rag rug, and it’s about half finished. This is not going to be a rug for the house, however. It is meant to be a cat mat, actually! DH and I are about to adopt 3 kittens from our pastor’s family, and I’m getting their beds, litter boxes and toys all ready for them before they come. I was trying to find a way to avoid spending a bundle of money on beds and such, when I found an old mini rug I’d made and used as a chair pad along with an unfinished rag rug. They were both just the right size for cat beds! But since there will be three kitties, I needed another one. So, I’m working up one more mini rug.

Other crafting projects that will be on the agenda this year: curtains, curtains, and more curtains! The valances that came with the house are just UGLY (IMHO), so as we finish remodeling each room I’ll either have to make new ones or go purchase some. It all depends on cost, though. Material is so expensive these days that it is becoming more economical just to buy stuff…and I hate that.

Craft station1

Oh, by the way, this is my craft table. Doesn’t it look just pitifully boring? I haven’t decided on a color for this room yet…whatever it is will have to be color DH and I both can live with, since this room doubles as our office. But I need something light and happy, something that will spark my creativity! I also am thinking of putting up a large cork board on the wall over my table. That way I can hang photos, magazine clippings, patterns, swatches…anything that will inspire me or help with current projects. What do you think I need to help make this area more inspiring? Have any ideas for me? (Cheap ones…I’m on a tight budget here!)

Thanks for stopping by today! Here’s a daisy for you, just because….



2 thoughts on “A daisy a day…

  1. That’s a great idea for old curtains! Looks like it’s turning out really well. Love the daisy pic! Can’t wait to see pictures of the three kittens!

  2. I feel so good when I can reuse something. I hate being wasteful. I am finding items re-useful all the time. I love the pics, but where are the furry kids?

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