In my own backyard

I’ve been enjoying a little more laid back sort of day today. I did some cleaning, but mostly I’ve just been resting and relaxing around the house. I think my Thursdays may turn into my “days off” so to speak. It seems that I just naturally have less important things to do and more need to rest on Thursdays. Strange, but true!

Today has been a rainy sort of day with a shower or two, then some sun, then another shower or two, along with some distant thunder and lightening. In the one or two hours of nice sun we had this morning I decided to take a little stroll and get some more outdoor photos in our little woods behind the house. It’s amazing how much wildlife there is in my own backyard! Before I went out to enjoy the spring weather, this little fellow popped out to soak up some rays as well. It seems this little lizard has taken up residence in the old wood pile on our deck. We really need to move the wood away from the house (termite trouble!) but I hate to dislocate this guy. I think he’s been feasting on all the bugs that congregate around our porch light at night, which I really don’t mind a bit! (Oh, and for anyone that might care, I’m pretty sure it is a Common Five-lined Skink.)

Mr. Lizard2

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m quite convinced we have wild berries growing all over the woods here. From my research online, I’m almost certain now that it is blackberry bramble. And I hope I’m right. I am already imagining the fun I’ll have picking berries, freezing them, baking them in pies, and maybe even making jam! (This would require lots of berries, lots of phone calls to my mom, and probably lots of patience on the part of my DH!) Any wild blackberry pickers out there? Do you agree that this is what I have?

bramble blossoms3

Here are a few more photos I took during my little stroll through the woods:

Rain drops on the back of a young oak leaf
Drops on leaf1

An old mossy log

mossy log1

Sumac in the sun


A tiny yellow flower peaking out of the dead leaves

yellow flower

Lacy and lovely white yarrow


Well, I should be going now. Thanks for taking a look at my pics. There will surely be more to come! I hope you have a happy springy day!


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