Boxes and blankets

moving boxes1

Well, my livingroom is full of boxes, and the house looks rather a mess right now. But I guess that is to be expected when one is moving in one week. Thank goodness we only have a small apartment and have been married less than 4 years. We haven’t had the time or space to accumulate too much stuff!

Beth's Blanket folded

In the midst of packing and moving preparations, I did have time to finish this baby blanket for my friend Beth. I had just enough of the purple to make it “baby-sized.” If I’d had to make it any bigger the color pattern I chose would not have worked! I’m very happy with the way it turned out, even though this is the most “normal” round ripple I’ve made yet. I have to say that I enjoyed this pattern more when doing it with crazy-bright colors or all in one color, but it is certainly the quickest baby blanket pattern I’ve used so far. (And the greatest thing is that non-crocheters think it looks so complex that it must have taken me forever!)

Beth's Baby Blanket

Well, I really should be getting to work around here again. We have a co-worker of my hubby’s coming to take our piano this morning (it is too old and heavy to be worth moving with it.) And I’m still sitting here in my jammies! :o) This will almost definitely be my last blog post before moving, so have a great week! I’ll see ya around!



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