Wedge Stitch Cloth, No. 1

Yellow set WIP

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind–lots of working, getting home late, being exhausted, and not much crocheting. But I was still determined to blog about something this week! So, here’s my first attempt at a new wash/dishcloth design. It’s super simple, but I still managed to mess it up on this first time. The body of the cloth is made using the wedge stitch, and the edging simply uses 5dc shells. The problem was that I somehow ended up with one too many shells on the bottom edge, even though I thought I counted right! Next time I’m sure I’ll get it lined up better, and I’ll share the pattern at that time. As you can see, this dishcloth is destined to be part of the kitchen sets I’m making. I just have one more piece to add to this set, and that is a towel hanger. I know how I want to make it, but I have to find the right sized rings for the “hanger” part. Once that is finished, I’ll have one complete set! Yippee!


8 thoughts on “Wedge Stitch Cloth, No. 1

  1. That’s a beautiful dishcloth! What would crocheters do without the shell stitch? I really like it in that yellow, too. Just light enought to see the texture and bright enough to be cheerful.
    I can’t wait to see the dishcloth pattern and the towel topper!

  2. WOW What a great design with beautiful colors. Looking forward to seeing the towel topper and for the pattern to your kitchen set.

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