Spring Trench Coat, Finally!

Trench Coat Side1

Woohoo! It is finished at last! I have enjoyed this project, and I am very happy with the finished product. I took alot longer than I had hoped. I really wanted it for the cold weather, which has all but left Texas by now.  But I guess I can wear it as a jacket now, as it was apparently originally intended, judging by the name!

Trench Coat Back1

The fit is very comfortable, and I think it has pretty good drape for a crocheted garment. (You know how knitters always say that knit fabric drapes better…but I don’t know if that’s true or not!) Even though the coat feels very roomy to me, it actually has a slimming affect! Hubby says it looks great on me, and that is a big plus! :o)

Trench Buttons     Trench Button Loops

As you can see, I chose to put all the buttons down the left front panel. And I followed lots of people’s advice to use an odd number, even though this meant an extra trip to Jo-Ann’s! I needed the extra button to make it look fully finished, since it is such a long garment. Since I didn’t crochet buttonholes as I made the front panels, I just crocheted little loops at intervals corresponding to the placement of the buttons. This meant more ends to weave, but it was so quick that I didn’t mind. Thanks to everyone for your comments and help as I worked this up! It’s been great fun!

And now I’m ready to make something for summer….hmmm….what next? :o)


8 thoughts on “Spring Trench Coat, Finally!

  1. Beautiful! It looks great on you – definitely draps well. I like how the buttons turned out. Glad you went with five and the button loops were a great idea. Oh, and the color is so nice!

  2. WOW that looks terrific, beautiful and am sure there will still be many cool days to wear it…better still winter is fast approaching in Australia get hubby to bring you over on a holiday lol.

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