I know, I know…I didn’t post last weekend as usual. And I didn’t get any photos of me in the Spring Trench Coat, either. But I have lots of good reasons…really! First, I had to clean the whole house from top to bottom (for psychological reasons unknown to even me), then go on a 3-day road trip with my hubby (fun, but not very productive in the crochet realm), then go to church for Palm Sunday services, then it was back to work again yesterday! So, I’ve been away from the computer, camera and crochet hook quite a bit over the last week. I promise that next weekend I will have the coat done with buttons in place and photos taken…well, that’s the plan anyway…

I did do two small projects during our little trip in the car, however. First, the Starburst Hotpad by Loretta Schepp

Starburst Hotpad 1

This is just such a lovely little creation, and I haven’t seen one color combination yet that I haven’t likes. It will make a great trivet, don’t you think? The pattern was simple enough, though I felt like some instructions were missing at the end when joining the motifs. I plan on making several more of these, so I’m sure I’ll figure out just what was wrong. I’ll post tips if I do find any that would be helpful.

Spiral Scrubbie 1

Second, I made one of these adorable little Spiral Scrubbies from Judith Prindle’s crochet adaptaion. It was super-duper fast to make, and so incredibly simple. Not to mention that it is unbelievably cute (at least in my opinion)! I think I’d have trouble actually using one of these on my dishes…but I didn’t make it for me anyway.

Kitchen Set WIP1

Both of these little items are actually just the beginning of several kitchen sets I’ll be making as gifts over the next few months. I know Christmas seems forever far away right now, but it never hurts to start early! Besides, I need little projects every now and then to break the monotony of larger WIPs. Thanks again to Laura for pointing out these two great patterns! How do you always manage to find the good ones?! :o)


3 thoughts on “Oops!

  1. I like to leave for a trip with a clean house, too! It’s nice to come back to a tidy house and I don’t like to leave trash, etc in the kitchen before I leave.
    You starburst hotpad turned out great! I love the yellows. Those scrubbies can be addictive, too. They are so easily modified and quick. I love the first photograph! Very pretty.

  2. […] The only thing that was stopping me was the towel ring. I just couldn’t find the right pattern for it. So I finally I had to look at a ring that was given to me and create my own based on that. I wrote out a rough pattern, and I posted it on my Pattern Place page if you’re interested. (It’s called “Basic Towel Ring”…creative, I know, but I was in a hurry!) Alot of people have been asking me where I found the patterns for the scrubbie (tawashi) and the hotpad. The pattern links are in this post. […]

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