Busy as a Bee

That’s me! I have been busy at work over the past week, and trying to be busy crocheting over the weekend. This week is my spring break, but I will be very busy around the house cleaning and catching up on all those little things that slip by in the daily rush. I hope that between all the cleaning and such I will have time to finished this coat I’ve been working on!
Trench with collar
As you can see, I have finally made more progress on the Spring Trench Coat, finishing all the major crocheted pieces yesterday. I’m actually done with all the crocheting, unless I decide to make a belt to tie it closed. The pattern suggests a belt, but I am seriously considering finding some large buttons to go with it instead. What do you think? Perhaps some of those that are shaped like a tooth, in a dark brown color…do you know what I’m talking about? I don’t know what they are called.
Trench Sleeves
 Anyway, I finished the sleeves yesterday, but I may have to add a little length to them once I assemble the coat. I must have longer arms that the normal girl my size because I often have trouble with sleeves being just a hair too short for me. I forgot this when crocheting the sleeves, however, and did not add any extra rows as I did the pattern. So I may add a cuff or just a few rows of sc if I don’t like the length. Last night I stitched the shoulder seams and crocheted the collar, and I really like the way it is looking so far. I had to frog the first row of the collar few times before I figured out how to space my sc’s for the foundation row. The pattern calls for 62 sc evenly spaced, but there aren’t that many stitches across the area you are supposed to stitch. So it took some trial and error (as well as a little math….ugh!) to figure out where to put the extra stitches.
Trench Collar
I really would like to get this finished up by Thursday, which should be quite simple since I pretty much only have to sew seams now. Wish me luck! I’ll be back with pics (hopefully with me wearing it) as soon as it is finished!


2 thoughts on “Busy as a Bee

  1. Wow. Seeing this makes me want to start this! Thank for the pictures of the pieces. I’ve never done a set in sleeve before, so seeing your pieces helps me see that this could be done… this would be a great spring coat… now I need to really think about this… Thanks again for posting.

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