Sneak Preview

Well, I thought I’d have some crochet progress to show you on my Classic Trench Coat, but I didn’t have time yet to take photos of what I’ve done on it lately. I have just one sleeve to go before I begin assembly, so I’m definitely nearing the end! I do not seem to have the discipline to completely finish one project before beginning another, however; so Friday afternoon I just had to start something new…
I have been wanting to get out my sewing machine and use some of the fabric I have stashed around here, and this project has been in my head for some time. It’s not quite finished yet (I still have a couple of ribbons to secure), but I’ll give you a sneak peek anyway.
If you are a cat-lover, you’ll want to keep your eye on my Etsy shop over the next few days. This item should go up by Tuesday night, if I can get some good lighting and photo shooting time (I hope, I hope)! I’ll be sure to get a mini-post up on here as soon as I put it up for sale, too!
 If I get my way, I’ll be making a similar item during my spring break, using more of my fabric stash. So my next few posts will probably be sewing related….but don’t worry….I am still crocheting up a storm when I don’t have time to get out the sewing machine! :o) Well, now back to stitching… Happy Sunday evening, everyone!

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