Stitches from the Past

One of the crafty bloggers I read and admire the most, Alicia Paulson, has been making these sweet little dish towels and talking about how they remind her so much of her grandmother. This got me thinking about the women in my family. My grandmother had some embroidered dish towels, but she rarely used them. I think she always wanted to keep them nice and preferred to use something store-bought (replaceable) instead. And I also think that she received the majority of the embroidered towels from my great-grandmother, which probably made them even more special. I have very few things of my great-grandmother’s, but one thing that I do have is an apron she once used.
GG's Apron 1
I’m sure it’s not terribly old, as the fabric is in very good condition and the design does not look too out of date to me. I wish I knew when she made it, but I really have no idea. What I do know, however, is that this little apron is very practical (because I wear it now whenever I am cooking)! It’s full coverage in the front is great for a messy cook like me, always throwing around flour and splattering tomato sauce everywhere. And it has great big pockets in the front, which I think would also make this a great apron to use in the garden! I plan to make a replica of this apron in the very near future so that I can use it instead of Great Grandma’s own apron, since I like it so much. Oh, and take a look at the cute little button she used on the back.
GG's Apron d1
I love that it has a flower to match the fabric’s pattern, instead of just a plain old button. The yellow binding around the edges is so cheery, and it also reminds me of Alicia’s binding tutorial. When I finally do get a chance to recreate this little piece of history, I will have to do my own binding….although I have a feeling I may not have the patience to make it myself. We shall see!

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