Oh well…

I really wanted to have some photos of finished objects, works-in-progress, something around the house…well, anything that would give me a reason to blog today. But, alas, it has been raining and cloudy all day, until just now, when the sun has already disappeared on the other side of the apartment building not to be seen again until tomorrow. I am thankful for the rain, however, as it has been a dreadfully warm, dry winter here in Texas this year. I can only dream of what my dear friends in the North have been experiencing this winter, with all the snow and ice that has been coming down lately. Perhaps next year snow and I will be able to become reacquainted with one another….perhaps…

But on this drippy day I have been busy about the house. DH and I always do laundry on Saturdays, no matter what, so I can always say I’ve done something productive on the weekends! Then there was the weekly grocery shopping as well. Lately I’ve been trying to create a menu for at least one week in advance (two is even better) and creating my grocery list from that. We usually do have to make a quick trip to Wal-mart the second week, regardless, for milk and what-not…but cutting down on trips and last-minute little items really is a huge time and money saving strategy! Once the shopping was finished, I busily set about tackling a task I’ve been needing to do for months now–polishing the silverware! Well, it’s actually stainless steel, but I have never been able to adjust my vocabulary to say, “Honey, would you get out the tableware, please?” After having actually gone to the length of polishing all that stainless steel, I now have two questions: (1) Why do they call it “stainless” steel when it actually isn’t? After all, the whole reason I had to polish it was because it was stained! (2) Why would anyone want actual silverware, which has to be polished much more often because it tarnishes so easily? Ugh!

So, after all this work and all this rambling on, what I would really like to do is sit and crochet so that next week I really could show off something finished. Instead, it’s back to the kitchen with me to make yummy soup and sandwiches for dinner, to prepare the ingredients for “Crock-pot Lasagna” for tomorrow’s lunch, then to throw the ingredients for my favorite Italian bread in my fabulous bread machine, and when that’s all done, I’m sure I will be ready to say “goodnight!” So much for a relaxing Saturday at home! Oh well…


One thought on “Oh well…

  1. I learned about stainless steel while naming my Chromium Star Blanket pattern. Stainless steel just ‘stains’ less than the average steel because of various ingredients. So it’s not meant to be stain-free, although stainless does sound like it shouldn’t stain at all.
    That’s a good idea to plan your meals ahead of time. I’m always running to the store for just one more ingredient. There’s a really cute meal plan template at futuregirl here: http://www.futuregirl.com/craft_blog/2007/12/meal-planner.html

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