Divine Hat

I’ve been working away on my Trench Coat, and I’m making lots of progress…but at this stage in the project I needed a break from the large scale project to do a little quick crocheting. I found the perfect thing while reading The Kidney Bean’s blog…winter hats! Here in Texas I don’t really use winter hats much, but when visiting relatives in the North I always wish I had one or two. So, I decided to try out the patterns Laura used.

Divine Hat 2

The first one I made was the Divine Hat, pattern found here. This worked up soooo fast with the big hook, but now I wish I would have followed Laura’s example and used a size or two smaller because it is a bit too big for me. I left off the last row of ribbing just so it wouldn’t cover my eyes! I am thinking of frogging it and redoing the hat with a smaller hook, but I just had to finish it and be done for now. I love the design, though. It looks lacy, but it’s still warm.

The second hat is also from Rheatheylia.com…this time the Cable Hat. I love that crocheters can do cables, too! I can’t knit, but I just love the look of cables! I’m just starting, but it’s coming along nicely. And I did go down one hook size for this one, so hopefully it will have a nice, snug fit when finished.

Cable Hat WIP

Oh, and I learned a new technique doing these hats! The patterns do not include a starting chain, so I decided to look up the adjustable ring that everyone is always talking about. And I am hooked! I used Donna’s tutorial on Crochet Me, and it was the perfect thing to start these hats. I see many uses for this technique in my future!

Well, I have much, much more to blog about and get done on the internet…so off I go!


2 thoughts on “Divine Hat

  1. The magic ring is my favorite crochet technique. Really a good thing to know.
    Your divine hat looks beautiful! I just love the spiral pattern. The white yarn compliments the stitch well, too.
    Can’t wait to see the cable hat all made up!

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