Finally something to share…

Even though it looks and sounds as if I haven’t done any new crocheting lately, I really have been working on something! I’ve been working on my Classic Trench Coat designed by Melissa Leapman for the Stitching in the Trenches CAL over at the ‘Ville!
Trench WIP 2-1

As you can see, I now have the left front panel finished and am working on the right front panel. I actually already made the back panel as well while I was on my trip, but as I did alot the crocheting in the car and didn’t check the sizing I had to frog the whole thing. No big deal, though. This stitch pattern goes so quickly that I don’t mind doing it again. I hope that I will have alot of downtime this weekend to just sit and crochet. I haven’t done that much lately–it’s been more of the “stitch and run” method recently.

I also realized that I didn’t share any pics at all from my trip. We weren’t on a sightseeing trip, so I don’t have any spectacular views to show you (unless my in-laws’ new house full of boxes and packing material is something “spectacular, which in it’s one way it was!) But I do have a few cute pics of their “babies”–two mini dachshunds named Fritzi and Mitzi. 
Fritzi2007This is Fritzi, a wire-haired mini; and though he looks quite distinguished and serious in this pic, he can be downright hyperactive and mischievous at times! Mitzi, on the other hand, thinks she is quite the little princess and loves to be pampered in every way, including long tummy rubs and extra kisses. Mitzi_cute
I enjoyed their company, especially since I was sick and had to stay home alone a few days. I think Hubby and I want a much bigger dog when we have a house–a “real” dog, as he would say, but F and M are fun to play with when we visit anyway. Hope you think they are just as cute as I do!

Well, must be getting dinner on the table now! Have a great weekend!

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