Valentine Crochet Begins!

**Pattern now available at the Pattern Place!**

Heart Motif WIP

I’ve had this little idea for a Valentine’s Day scarf floating around in my head since before Christmas, but I just haven’t had the motivation to put it into reality…until today! My creativity was stoked both by this article from the Storque at Etsy, and by this CAL over at Crochetville. So, after skimming through a bunch of online crocheted heart patterns and getting a general idea of how to shape them, I came up with these little darlings on my own! This is pretty exciting for me because I have really only designed things that are rectangular in shape up to this point. I’m planning to post the pattern on my site later today, but I have to double and triple check it to make sure I’ve got it right first. The hearts I am making right now are destined to become a scarf, as long as I have enough yarn. I may have to go scrounging through the stash a bit more to find what I need, but I’ve got a good start anyway. And these little heart motifs work up so quickly that I’m having a blast! They are practically multiplying before my eyes!

Check back later if you’re interested in the pattern!

 Happy Valentine Crocheting!


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