I need to write something…

but I don’t know what! I’ve been really busy with work lately. We’re getting ready for Christmas, of course. This weekend is going to be “Marathon Baking Craziness,” and I am both dreading and looking forward to this. My dear husband is graduating from seminary tomorrow, so this week has been full of preparations for this big event. At this time of year I am so grateful that I have a school job–I really need the two week Christmas vacation!

I don’t have any profound crafting to share right now. My Etsy shop is up and running, but I haven’t been making anything much new for that just yet. I made my first on-line sale this week, and that was very exciting and gratifying! I need to make a few more sales, though, before I can invest in making too many new items. I hope someday I’m able to dedicate more time to crafting, maybe even make it into a business instead of just a hobby. I really think I would enjoy that alot!

 Well, I hate to write and not share any pictures…so let’s see…
Rustic Nutcracker
I don’t think I’ve mentioned in all my blogging that I collect nutcrackers! I fell in love with Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker Suite” as a child, as well as the story behind it. As a result, every Christmas I receive at least one new nutcracker or piece of nutcracker paraphernalia. This is one handsome, and rather rugged, gentleman who is currently residing under my Christmas tree. Because we live in an apartment, I am unable to display most of my nutcrackers throughout the year. So this little woodsman is enjoying his time in the spotlight during the holidays! Doesn’t he look right at home under the tree? :o)

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