Grandpa’s Scarf and Hat

Grandpa's hat and scarf

Since my hubby’s family is spending Christmas with his grandpa in Michigan, I figured it would be nice to send something for him to open along with their gifts. So I decided to wip up this hat and scarf for him. The picture makes the hat look sort of purple, but it’s not. It’s actually dark grey. It was made from an odd skein in my stash, so I didn’t have enough for the scarf to match. Thus, I had to settle for a slightly different color for the scarf. It was done in Red Heart Super Saver in Heather Grey. The light grey stripes also were from some scrap yarn.

I used the Thick Warm Winter Hat pattern from Crochet Garden, but I altered it quite a bit because I didn’t want the cables. I also changed the hat brim, but I don’t remember what I did differently. The scarf is just alternating front post double crochet and back post double crochet, giving it a ribbed look.

Well, I’m sending it off soon, so I hope that Grandpa likes it!


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