Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s finally the Holiday Season! Yippee! It has taken me a while to get into the spirit of Thanksgiving and even harder to think about Christmas coming this year….my life has just been too stressful lately, I guess. That, and the weather here in Texas has been just plain HOT for this time of year. But today the temperature is taking a dive into more reasonable, fall-like numbers, and it actually felt good to turn on the oven and bake my traditional Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. Since I’ve almost had to force myself to get into the holiday frame of mind this year, I’ve been much more intentional in considering all I truly have to thank God for giving me. The time I’ve had thinking about all God has done in my life has been just amazing, and I’m actually really looking forward to this Thanksgiving Day more than I have in the past.

So, I mentioned baking a pumpkin pie….I say it is my “traditional” pumpkin pie for several reasons. One, what would Thanksgiving be without it!? :o) Two, I always use my mother’s pumpkin pie recipe that she has always used that, originating from an ancient recipe book that is literally yellowed and decaying from years of use! And three, I used pumpkin pulp that my dear hubby and I froze last year after buying, cutting, baking and pureeing and entire pumpkin! How much more “traditional” can you get?! I learned alot about cooking and pureeing pumpkin from that exciting experience…for example, a large pumpkin can yield over 18 cups of puree! Yikes! Thus, the reason I am still using it a year later. Anyway, here’s a pic of my little pie…


While the pie was in the oven, I also decided that this year I wanted some kind of festive table decoration. Since we live in an apartment (with limited storage space!) and are on a small budget, we’ve not yet invested in many seasonal decor items. So, I decided to come up with something simple I could make from things we already have here at home. I chose to make a table runner because we have a small table that will be very crowded with food tomorrow…not much room for anything three-dimensional! I printed off some free stencils and clip art images from the net, cut them out, then traced them onto some brown packaging paper.


I then used my handy-dandy Exacto knife and a cutting board to cut out the shapes. I cut out small pieces of red, yellow and orange tissue paper to fit over the stenciled shapes, taped them on, then turned over the brown paper to create a sort of “stained glass” or “peek-a-boo” effect. Then I took another piece of orange tissue paper and cut it in half, and I taped the brown paper cut-outs onto it.


Finally, I secured the ends of the tissue to the brown paper with a bit more tape, covered it all back up with my clear plastic tablecloth-protector-thingy, and voila! I now have a fun, festival, fall-themed table runner just in time for Thanksgiving Day!


I have to say that this was a very easy project, and except for the exacto knife part, it would be a great way to include the kids in preparing for the holiday. Another idea I had, but didn’t follow through, was to collect a bunch of interesting leaves, cut a strip of white paper for the length of the table, and do colorful crayon rubbings of the leaves. This would be super-simple for younger kiddos, too! Just some ideas for you mommies out there! :o)

Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!



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