Autumn Inspiration Purse

After much procrastination I finally completed the lining on this little jewel of a purse! And I am so glad I did because I think this is just about the cutest little purse ever. I’m going over to Etsy as soon as I finish this post and putting this up for sale in my shop. I took down all my other stuff for a while because all my photos need a facelift. I keep hoping that I’ll find a way to photograph things better in this tiny apartment…either that or find a nice outdoor location I can use. Anyway, this just turned out so nicely that I can’t wait for everything else to get ready, so it’s going up today!

So, about this darling little bag… It’s made from LionBrand’s Bolero yarn, which is pretty tough to work with because it’s 100% wool roving that goes from thin to super thick every few inches. It felted up with this great nobby texture that makes this little bag so unique. After felting I added this great little flower decoration that complements the colors of the wool so well it was as if they were made for each other. I used 5in. wood handles and a magnetic snap for the hardware. Finally, the lining is made of a lovely piece of faux suede I had in my scrap basket. Its rich wine color just happened to match everything else perfectly! I couldn’t have been more pleased! Oh, but you’ll have to visit my shop to see!So…now off I go to update my Etsy shop! Come on over for a looksee if you like!


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