Super Secret…shhh!

With the holidays coming on quickly, crafters everywhere are making gifts for their family and friends. And not wanting to buck tradition, I too, am working on a Christmas gift for someone. But I can’t tell about it right now, except to say that it will by far be the biggest gift I make this year and that it is a very special and sentimental gift. It is turning out so much better than even I could have imagined, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone. And that is why I just had to say something, without saying anything, here on my blog!

Other than that, I have no really important projects on the hook. I do have a purse that is still waiting for me to stitch in the lining….but that is my least favorite part of purse-making…so it’s going to be waiting for a while, I’m afraid. I am thinking about designing a few small totes out of scrap fabric I have lying around because my sewing machine is itching to be used…and because my fabric box is full to the brim! But for now, I just keep plugging away on my super secret project! :o)

 Now I must go pack lunches for me and my hubby! It’s going to be a beautiful day! Thank you, Jesus!


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