Weather made to order

Oh, if only I could bottle up the delicious outdoor air today and take it with me for those hot summer days when I can’t wait for autumn to arrive! This was the first day it actually felt like fall here in hot old Texas, and I loved it! There is a fresh, crisp wind blowing through the trees, and it smells soooooo wonderful to me! I miss the North and the definite seasonal changes we enjoyed there. But today was great. The cool air made me want to bake apple pie and go wading through piles of fallen leaves. Only I couldn’t really do either one. I have apples, but no shortening for good ole’ homeade pie crust. And there are very few fallen leaves around here right now. They’re still nice and green and clinging quite firmly to their branches! So, for now, I can only dream of making this the absolutely perfect fal day…but at least I can dream!


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