Those of you who check in on my blog now and then may have noticed I’ve been MIA for a few weeks. Believe me, I’ve wanted to sit down and blog, but there’s just been no time at all! But today I finally have time to breathe, and I’m breathing a big sigh of relief!

You see, my darling husband is in his final semester of seminary, working on his Master of Music in Conducting. As you can imagine, he has been quite busy studying, going to class and rehearsing with various music groups. Well, the past two weeks have been particularly stressful with final preparations for his graduate conducting recital. And since I was in his choir, I was also at rehearsals during this time. But his recital was this past Thursday night, and it went very well, praise God! We are both so relieved to have this part of his education finished and so pleased that it went well. We are both also in a friend’s recital choir that is performing next week, so just a few more rehearsals left before our schedules ease up a bit.

In between all those practices and work and church, etc. I have had a little time to crochet, thank goodness! I have a couple of WIPs that I haven’t photographed yet, but I hope I’ll have time for that soon. I do, however, had a finished product to show you! Yoohoo! It’s a round ripple, with a bit of a twist. See, I wanted to do an all-white rr, but that sounded awfully boring without some added visual interest. So, I decided to add some bobbles (since I’ve kinda been on a bobble kick lately anyway), and here’s the result:

I experimented with different lighting and layouts, but no matter what I did I couldn’t get the colors to come out quite right. It’s really much brighter white, but you get the idea, anyway. For some reason–probably just ’cause it’s white–it reminds me of a giant snowflake, so I’m calling it ‘Calloway’s Giant Snowflake Blanket.’ And actually it’s going to the same friend in whose recital DH and I will be performing. His sweet wife is expecting right around Christmas, so the snowflake theme should be perfect! I hope they like it!

 And I hope you like it, too. Thanks for looking!


One thought on “Phew!

  1. I really like your snowflake blanket. Is this a pattern or yours or from another site. I would really like to add this pattern to my collection.

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