Diamonds for Baby Afghan FO

I finally finished that project and pattern I’ve been working on! And yes, as you guessed, it’s a baby blanket…soon to be gifted to a coworker who is expecting her first baby! It’s taken me too long to get this pattern put together and posted, but it’s finally here anyway. You can find the complete pattern in a pdf file on my new page called “Pattern Place.” 

I do have a few comments about this pattern, for those of you who are interested in trying it. First of all, I made this a bit larger than I intended, and I used almost the entire Pound of Love to complete it. If you don’t want to use that much yarn, you could use 12 fewer chain to decrease the width, then leave off one sc row and one dc row in each of the sections without the diamond pattern. I think this should keep the blanket’s shape fairly even, but reduce the size and the amount of yarn used. Second, I used a simple ch2 v-stitch for the edging partialy to conserve yarn, although I did experiment with other edging ideas first. I just wanted something that geometrically fit with the diamond pattern. If you come up with a different edging, please share your ideas with me. I’d love to see photos of anyone’s finished afghan! Last, but not least, this is only the second pattern I’ve written out, so if you find an error (and you probably will), please email me, or leave a comment here! I want to know if I can do anything to make it better! :o) Thanks!

And last of all, here are the photos I took of the finished blanket:

Thanks for looking!

4 thoughts on “Diamonds for Baby Afghan FO

  1. Hi Cocoa,

    My name is Jacki and I found your Diamonds for Baby afghan and loved it.

    I decided to try it. I’m doing fine until rows 18-28 where it states: Repeat alternating rows 14 and 15.

    That does not look right to me. I’ve completed the first set of diamonds and if repeat 14 and 15, I will do bobbles where it does not seem there should be any bobbles.

    The pattern at where I’m at looks to be single crochets and double crochets

    Can you help me to get past this part? Am I reading it wrong?

    Jacki (Gal 2:20)

  2. Yikes!

    Thanks for finding that glaring error, Jacki! You should actually repeat rows 16 and 17. I had to change row numbers for some reason, and I just missed editing those because they were within the text. Sorry! I have noted this correction in the comments on the Pattern Place, also.

  3. Thanks Cocoa!!

    I appreciate your fast response. I am making this blanket for my nephew, who is expecting his first child. They are due on Dec. 31st and I wanted to get this done by then.

    You are awesome at crocheting. Wow, making your own patterns. That truly is a gift!

    And thank you so much for sharing! That is a gift to us!


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