Playing with Plastic Canvas

First off, I finished crocheting and assembling the Eight-pocket Tote! Yay! Here’s what it would look like if I had stopped there:

But, since I can’t just leave well enough alone, I decided to start inserting the plastic canvas. I will line it next, but one thing at a time… Some of my fellow Eight-pocket Tote CAL members were discussing how to reinforce and line their bags, and this gave me an idea! Even though I’ve never played with plastic canvas before, I decided to create an amateur tutorial of sorts showing the steps I used to insert the canvas and lining. So, without further ado….

“Playing with Plastic Canvas: an amateur attempt at reinforcing a crocheted tote!”

Step 1: I began by taking measurements of my finished project, trying to get as accurate measurements as possible, and recording the dimensions of each section of the bag that I planned to reinforce (i.e. bottom panel and main panels).

Step 2: I then used these measurements as guidelines for cutting the plastic canvas to size. I trimmed each section a little smaller than my actual measurements so that it would fit into the bag without overlapping. This took a little trial and error, so it’s best to start big and gradually trim a little at a time.

Step 3: When finished trimming, I placed the canvas for the bottom in the bag, checking its placement to ensure that it lined up evenly on all sides. I then used my main color of yarn and a tapestry needle to tack down each of the four corners of the canvas, as well as the center.

Step 4: For the main panels of the bag, I tacked down the canvas just as I did for the bottom. This was, however, a little more difficult because I had to be careful not to pull my yarn through both layers of the pocket.


And here is what the inside of my reinforced tote looks like now! It stands up on it’s own, which is just what I wanted. I am happy with how it is turning out so far!

Coming soon: “Lovely Lining: an intermediate seamstress’ takes a stab at lining a bag”

2 thoughts on “Playing with Plastic Canvas

  1. I am about finished with a crocheted tote, and went to get plastic canvas for inner structure. I’ve used it before, but need to refine my procedure. Am looking forward to your information on lining. BTW, love the crocheted tote pattern!

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