I found it!

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     I love JoAnn’s Fabrics (at least today…some days I don’t)! So much fabric…so many patterns…so little time! I had a rough day at work today and decided to reward myself by going to JoAnn’s to find the lining for my tote. I found many choices, more than I expected, actually! It was a little hard to decide what to get, but I decided to stick with my original idea of a calico print with little blue flowers on a light blue background. I think the colors ended up matching perfectly! Plus, as an added bonus, JoAnn’s was apparently having a big sale (unknown to me) and I got the fabric for 50% off! I am super excited to get this sewn up and put the whole tote together!
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     As you can see from the pics, I have sewn on the large pockets (front and back), finished the gusset and straps, and created the button tab. I didn’t like the button tab when I followed the pattern. It was much wider than I thought necessary, and there’s no way I could find a matching button large enough to be practical. So to customize it to my desires, I did 9 ch. and did the pattern stitches for 4 inches. Then on the next row, I did the normal pattern for 2 stitches, 2 ch, sk 2, pattern for 3 stitches, turn. I finished with 2 rows of sc across. I like it alot better, and now I’m able to use a button that I found in my sewing basket that just happens to match almost perfectly!

     So, since I’m so excited to get this tote put together, I’d better get back to work on the side pockets. I waited to do them until the end because I’m running low on the yarn for them. I felt they were the least necessary for me to complete if I did run out. Enough typing…more crochet!


One thought on “I found it!

  1. I love your tote! The colors are so simple but beautiful and then the fabric you go to line it is just perfect! I can’t wait to see the finished product.

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