Tote Progress

Here’s my progress so far on the Eight-Pocket Tote! I only have the two small pockets, the straps and the button tab left to crochet. Woohoo! I actually am thinking I might leave off the side pockets, thus making it a Six-Pocket Tote instead….but I don’t know yet. I’m going to make the straps next because I’m a little tired of crocheting one color. You can see I just couldn’t wait to see what the light blue cotton would look like with the cream. I like what I see so far! 

Assembling the bag should be pretty simple, as far as the crocheted part goes. I am a little nervous about the lining, just because I’ve never actually lined a bag before. But I am going to trust my sewing instincts and give it my best shot! Now I just have to find some fabric that I like. I’m still seeing a lovely gingham strewn with little blue flowers… And wouldn’t it be perfect if I could find a sweet blue flower-shaped button to match? Let the search begin!


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