Crafty Contentment

My piggy is in the dryer getting all dry and fluffy after being restored to a happier condition. He is looking much better with new batting and stitching. Sadly, this little piggy is still stained from years of loving use, but at least now that I’ve fixed him up he should last for many more years! I’ll post photos as soon as he is dry! :o)

Still easing myself back into crocheting, I decided to join the “Eight-Pocket Tote CAL” at Crochetville. It should be a nice small project for me to do…and it is just for me, which also gives me some motivation. It also uses some of my stash, my evil stash that has been nagging me for some time….I will wittle you down, Stash! Just watch me! So, that’s what I’m working on now. It feels good to crochet again just for fun.

I’m using Lily Cotton in natural color for the main body of the bag. When I get to the pocket accents and handles, I’m planning to use “recycled cotton” from an old sweater I never wore…mostly because it was cotton! It’s a nice shade of light blue that should work well enough for me. I also look forward to finding some little remnant of fabric that will become the lining for this bag. I’m thinking something like a calico print with cute little blue flowers….Anyway, I’m enjoying this! Yoohoo!


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